Construction control Our construction control inspectors conduct important work at construction sites, which allows them to identify violations at the first stages of construction, thereby preventing future emergencies during the construction process and during the operation of the building. In the course of the work, customers are provided with the results, which are based exceptionally on objective information.
Construction management The construction management team has extensive expertise in several specific areas, including design, engineering and construction, geology, materials science, reliability of building structure, related legal and economic issues. In summary, this contributes to the successful solution of the tasks associated with detailed project studies, starting with the development of design documentation right up to the commissioning of the finished facility. Our specialists conduct technological and price audits at facilities that are at any degree of completion.
Engineering surveys Our specialists develop complex engineering surveys at the highest professional level, in full accordance with the client's project requirements and within specified deadlines. This includes the full cycle of work, from field research to desk processing of data in the Group’s own laboratory.
Design A large and experienced group of designers and engineers from various fields and disciplines develop design solutions for all project stages, for all types of infrastructure, commercial, residential and industrial projects (except nuclear power plants). Our companies have had a long and successful experience in providing services to both the government and private sectors.
Laboratory tests Our laboratories are equipped with modern equipment. This allows us to carry out all kinds of specialised testing and certification of building products and materials. The main laboratory in Zagreb has the right to verify and confirm the authority of the EU construction laboratories.
Construction We are professionals in the field of construction of industrial, civil, transport and other infrastructure projects. Our wide experience, utilisation of the latest innovations and technologies, own machinery fleet and construction materials manufacturing allow us to provide our clients with outstanding quality service at competitive pricing. As such, the Group provides a full range of services to its clients; from the pre-investment phase to the completion stage.
Investments Avenue Group is constantly searching for high quality investment projects. Avenue invests in companies, projects and / or technologies that deliver strong synergy with the Group’s existing lines of business.
Mechanisation The Group owns more than 600 units of specialised and heavy construction machinery. The availability of its own equipment allows the Group to provide its clients with a competitive level of service.
Bridges / overpasses We have decades of experience in the design of bridges, overpasses and transport interchanges. Among the implemented projects, the Group boasts cable-stayed bridges with a span length of up to 560 meters, whereby the overall number of completed bridge projects exceeds 800.
Highways Over 1000 kilometers of highways have been designed and built by our specialists. These have been built across Europe and the CIS. The Company's specialists are constantly modernising and developing the construction process and new technologies.
Railways The Group has extensive experience in the design, construction and technical supervision of the construction of railway infrastructure facilities in European countries. Our competence in providing the full range of services from draft design to the commissioning of linear facilities underpinned by the Group’s project references ensure our clients satisfaction.
Tunnels We have significant experience in the design and construction of tunnels, including the longest tunnel in Croatia - Mala Kapela (5.7 km), the administration of professional construction controls at all stages of project’s implementation and full compliance with construction plans, including timely project completion.
Airports We have extensive experience in the design of airport complexes, including terminal buildings, runways, platforms and engineering infrastructure facilities. Avenue is your reliable and experienced partner in implementing construction projects and managing the construction process.
Industrial buildings Avenue has accumulated many years of experience in the design and construction of industrial facilities, including the provision of services at all stages of project implementation - from the planning of the construction site to the commissioning of the facility.
Residential and office buildings With over 2 million square meters of residential and commercial buildings that have been designed and built by the Group, Avenue is one of the most experienced construction and engineering companies in Eastern Europe and the CIS.

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